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Detail or no detail?

This is a common question when making maps. I myself don’t really like to add too much details because they used to lag my old PC, and I think most people will thank It, but let’s make a reality check!

You like detailed, shiny, breakable maps? or you are a minimalist fan?

Poll In the left side.

Stock Maps?

We want to know If you want we include stock maps in the server, and If so, how much maps?

Queremos saber si quieren que pongamos mapas default en el server, y si es asi, cuantos?


Map Rotation update

The poll about the maps comming back tot he server is closed now.

The maps comming back tot he server are:

Tiny CTF

Nimda Bunker

Room of Doom

GJ Processor

Now vote for the maps to be removed from the rotation!

[poll id=»6″]