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My FEAR Maps Catalog

My FEAR Maps

I just found some inspiration to continue the remake of my FEAR SEC2 Microsite and It’s reaching a close to final status.

The best part Is I no longer need to code the content, since It’s an automatically generated page, very like the SEC2 section, but with notable backend diferences. And yeah, this will also interact with the Server List Manager I’m making for the long term future of the game.

Currently accesible at but soon going live to

FEAR Combat SEC2 2.2 Roadmap?

A couple weeks ago I published the final update to SEC2 2.1.0 (And the 2.1.1 hotfix). What can we expect for the future?

It’s been about 5 years for this update and I had to find time to complete It. There’s more to do with SEC2? Yes.

Will It happen soon? I don’t know. I’m having an unexpected break and some of the features I want to implement will need certain functionality not yet implemented in FEAR Servers, so It will take some months.

But the project Is not dead, It will eventually get updates If needed. For now I will try to make a brand new map from scratch, just because I actually enjoy doing that. And yeah, In my spare time.

Making a Mod SEC2 compatible

SEC2 version 2.1.0 final introduces the option to join Multiplayer servers running installable mods right from the Retail Multiplayer Serverlist. Players can get the latest Client update ( SEC2_2.1.0.371.Client-Beta6_2023-06-12_07) in the SEC2 develpment site: although a new release should be out in all sites in the upcoming days.

In order to use this feature, the Mod must follow some rules, as described in this article.

Repacking the Mod.

In order to make the mod 100% compatible we need to use a proper name for It, following these rules:

  • Don’t use special characters in the mod name;
  • only A-Z letters,
  • 0-9 numbers
  • And – or _ characters are recommended.

Once you selected your mod name, for example MY_NEW_MOD_V1, use It as Base for the name of the following files:

  • MY_NEW_MOD_V1.Arch00 (This is the main mod file)
  • MY_NEW_MOD_V1.archcfg (Custom Archcfg file, see notes below).
  • MY_NEW_MOD_V1.bat (Windows Batch File to launch the mod).
  • MY_NEW_MOD_V1_User Folder. Will contain files for the profile, including a copy of your Key.ini file.

Here is one of the main points of the guide. You must include in the .archcfg file first the SEC2 folder and next the Archcfg file of your mod. This will allow your mod to be loaded seamlessly and also, list Retail and other modded servers from the serverlist once the player leaves the server. And yes, this limits the usage of custom GameClient.dll files inside the Arch00 file. Some advanced features may be lost because of that, but I consider this a worthy exchange in order to improve the game integration with mods. In this repack, I removed the GameClient.dll file included (No need to add a new one, the game will load the existing in the previous line, contained in /SEC2

Here’s an example with Coop Warfare repack.


You can create other .bat files to start single player, o host a server with the mod. It’s a good practice to also include a readme file; but the files previously listed must share the mod name selected. If some of the files doesn’t meet this criteria, you can get unexpected results.

In the page you can get Repacks of Coop Warfare 0.7 and Bastard Mod, two of the most popular mods available for FEAR.

MXT Tanegashima map complex Update

MXT Tanegashima map complex update

Has been some years since this map set was released. Now I publish this maintenance update that brings a new approach to the layouts of the 4 maps included. (Remember numeration is negative, since this is an underground facility).

This aims to be for a faster, less camping, more dynamic gameplay. Also, includes fixes for most of the spawning issues (inside walls, that allowed some to get unlimited kills, covered behind walls).

Maps Included.

MXT Tanegashima Level -3

Fix to all spawns inside walls. Nothing much more, this map has a good gameplay overall.

MXT Tanegashima Level -3 Map
MXT Tanegashima Level -3

MXT Tanegashima Level -2

Fix to several behind the wall spawns, and turned some solid blocks into rooms and objetcs.

MXT Tanegashima Level -2 Map
MXT Tanegashima Level -2

MXT Tanegashima Level -1

This map got a HUGE update, with several changes in the layout that are made mainly as a fix for ASP camping. IF you are a Camper, this is for you, b.

MXT Tanegashima Level -1 Map
MXT Tanegashima Level -1

MXT Tanegashima Level Zero

GIGAS, COME FORTH! Finally you will se this huge mecha Rise from inside the MXT Tanegashima Complex, ready to fight alien menaces and evildoers. But first let’s capture the flag on this updated version of the map. Shorter, with a new playable and dangerous corridor, new elements for the surface scenario (less room for ASP camp) and Almost nothing to envy Mazinger and his giant pool.

MXT Tanegashima Level 0
MXT Tanegashima Level 0

Download is available in my redirect, as usual. But If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Just get It here:

MXT Tanegashima Map Complex for FEAR Combat

New Downloads Section

For some time I have provided download links for most of my FEAR Mods, maps and other tools, but haven’t had a chance to build a single catalog to get them. I wanted to build one, but haven’t had a chance, so I started building one some time ago. As usual I had to stop, but now looks like It’s almost ready, so I will start uploading there most of my stuff.

It Is still under development, and I will need to make It update Itself for the future, but well, It’s here anyway.