FEAR is a Multiplayer online First Person Shooter Game.

I have created a lot of Maps for It, here I publish em so you can use it on your own server.

I try to keep the latest versions aviable here, usually with bugfixes and optimizations, so please use these versions instead the ones there might be aviable from other sources.

All my maps can be used freely for In your own server, all I ask Is that you don’t alter or modify the content of the Arch00 File. If you need to ass your logo ( Corporate Art or Graffitie, use a mod for that, the map will take It and use It when Is needed).

This is the list of MXT FEAR Maps

  1. MXT Broken Negotiation
  2. MXT Lobby
  3. MXT Warehouse
  4. MXT Burly Brawl
  5. MXT Pacman
  6. MXT Alleys Reloaded
  7. MXT Arena
  8. MXT Party
  9. MXT Sewers
  10. MXT Buried
  11. MXT Crates
  12. MXT Graveyard
  13. MXT Underground Base
  14. MXT 13th Floor Reloaded
  15. MXT Toxic
  16. MXT Unknown
  17. FPT Combat Place
  18. MXT Cargoship
  19. MXT Babel Tower
  20. MXT TechTunel
  21. TGS The Green Sphere
  22. MXT Inka Reloaded
  23. MXT Pillars
  24. MXT Industrial Area
  25. MXT The Two Towers
  26. MXT Trollhouse
  27. MXT Spaceship
  28. MXT Cooler
  29. MXT FATALitY
  30. MXT Generators
  31. MXT Site 3
  32. MXT DataCenter
  33. MXT OfficeConflict
  34. eAu Photonic Core
  35. MXT Excavation
  36. MXT Delta Labs
  37. MXT JPN3K
  38. MXT Hall of Fame
  39. MXT Ghetto Conflict
  40. MXT MXT Shipping
  41. MXT High School Night
  42. MXT Abandoned Hotel
  43. MXT Industrial Corridor
  44. de_Dust2
  45. MXT Asylum CTF
  46. MXT The Two Tech Towers
  47. MXT Teotihuacan
  48. MXT Kamui Dimension
  49. MXT Tanegashima Level: 0
  50. MXT Tanegashima Level: -1
  51. MXT Tanegashima Level: -2
  52. MXT Tanegashima Level: -3
  53.  MXT District A
  54. MXT Archives
  55. MXT KillHouse
10 comentarios en «MXT FEAR Maps»
  1. I like every kind of map, but Two Towers dont so much. Thats a bit of too open to me, but generally i like open .
    Especially maps like Fatality, with fighting at lines, but many players seems dont like such.

    Its surely difficult to match most interests.-

    btw thanks for this really art work writing good maps, i appreciate it

  2. Hi, i just wanted to suggest a new map i thought everyone would like, im not sure if you take requests but i just want you to check it out. The map is called Blizzard Gap heres a video of some guy playing on it
    i have played on it before awhile ago and i think its a really fun map! I hope you take it into consideration.



  3. Hola Fred, te envié un mensaje, estoy trabajando en un mod de FEAR Combat, y necesito ayuda con mapeadores, si deseas participar, avísame tengo 4 modos de juego para el multiplayer, aqui te envio una muestra de esa configuracion, estoy recien entrando a la creacion de los modelos, pero la configuracion ya esta casi temrinada, solo me falta anclar bien las armas, saludos.

  4. se ve interesante, usualmente soy el primero en apuntarse, pero ahora estoy en una etapa de muchísimo trabajo. Si gustas puedes postear algo en los foros de y ver si a la gente le interesa, yo te podría compartir algun mapa o no se; pero veo dificil hacer mapas por ahora.
    Por ahí podrías postear mas detalles del proyecto!
    Saludosy felicidades por las ideas y trabajo.

  5. Saludos Fred. gracias, excelentes aportes que mantienen FEAR vivo y a mi jugando. hay torneo que chimba, pero no tengo clan ni equipo, me gustaría pelear en el torneo

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