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FEAR Map: MXT Excavation

MXT Excavation.

This map is made as a second stage for MXT Area 3, has the same visual style but is underground. Similar gameplay, but trying to give advantage to people running on the floor.


Download: coming soon.

4 Replies to “FEAR Map: MXT Excavation”

  1. like this map. Interesting fight takes place

    Interesting would be as following: making a (big) map, but not allowing to choose asp rifle in weapons menu (only for this map)-

    • Yeah I’ve been thinking about It too. I actually kinda know how to do It, but Restricting weapons is something most people won’t like. I have seen It in the past 😛
      Anyway, I think we should be able to do something like that in another map I’m planning.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. btw,
    i didnt know where to put it:
    i recognized following, sometimes some players run faster than me, although i carry no weapon and no flag (i wonder some running faster )-
    today someone recognized that speed advance on me, i dont hack or something, dont know whats that. Maybe some other recognized such too. It was on different maps

  3. That might be a bug, or maybe you have the walk key enabled?
    As a side note, not always moving straight in a single direction makes you faster, I’d use as example some of the 1v1 matches you can check in youtube, where pro’s move faster using some almost unnoticeable glitches in the game ^_^

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