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FEAR Map: MXT Burly Brawl

The Fourth Map I made: MXT Burly Brawl!

This Is a unarmed attack only map!

Is a reconstruction of the Burly Brawl Scene in The Matrix Reloaded Movie, the (in)famous fight between Super-Neo and more than 100 Agent Smiths in a extended orgy of fung fu!

This Map has a Soundtrack too ( the Original one from the scene: «Burly Brawl» by Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis ), but It’s Given in a Separate file to help reduce size and to make It’s use Optional. To use It just add It to your AdditionalContent Folder.



Download Ambient Music

10 Replies to “FEAR Map: MXT Burly Brawl”

  1. Yeah, I have been looking for good Images and videos of It, because I don’t have It, so would be kinda troublesome ( already tried but in the end I did something very different 😛 )

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