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FEAR Combat map making: Final Form!

You may have noticed I recently changed the naming scheme of my FEAR Maps. So far I’ve made more than 50 maps for FEAR Combat, and while the first 2-3 are largely unknown, some have been played by basically all the FEAR players in the previous 8 years. Currently, I like to categotize these in 3 ages:

1: dark age.

These maps are poorly optimized. Have lame designs, some even have exploitable blugs that make them unfair or are just too simple. It includes mainly the unreleased or forgoten first maps.

2: MXT age

When I learned how to properly make and optimize maps, this lovely times started. with more than 10 maps made, I started optimizing and fixing some of the first maps and made them to this MXT age. This epoch includes most of the maps I made. Includes also the maps I made for other friend clans. I can say this was the most enjoyable time, because there was a friendly competition to keep the top server active. Let’s call It «los años luz»

3: The FEAR age.

I focus now on bring stuff for FEAR, not only for my clan. Using most of my FEAR time to contribute to SEC2 antihack, I now make maps unbranded, and as close as possible to the original FEAR Style, as a symbol of my efforts to help the whole FEAR Community to have new content, not only MXT Servers. This change also opens the door to other clans to take the spot of the first ranked servers, because I can no longer work all the elements of the game. It also means My personal life takes priority, and that FEAR needs the cooperation of more people to keep running.


I’m not giving up making maps; It is something I really enjoy, and I hope I can continue making It for long time. I hope you guys playing continue here too for long time.

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