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15 Replies to “What Mods should we replace first?”

  1. The, «the enemy got your Flag»! sound is too silent. You miss it in combat.

  2. Whichever one is causing the out-of-memory errors. At first thought it might be the load screen video, but now since that’s been removed and it’s still happening, it might be MXT Datacenter map.

  3. We can remove It to test. It had a big issue at first ( 2 worldproperties objects), but I think I fixed that. Anyway there’s always a chance there’s something else causing It.

  4. Any chance we can delay respawn on smaller maps?
    Sometimes I kill 5 dudes to get the flag only to have them all respawn in front of me when I’m out of ammo

  5. Fast respawn makes this server as attractive as it is. I am always waiting for respawn on TGS server which has a longer delay


    Be glad to be able to frag so many enemies 🙂

    Maybe u need to change weapon, when ur out of ammo with your pistols….

  6. I didn’t :S I just removed some mods because of an experiment. It will be back as soon as we finish some tests.

  7. Change the mines for friendly mines only. That way we know they are friendly. Us color blind people have to pray when we walk over mines cause we cannot tell. =P u know u wanna.

  8. Naota has a great point. It shouldn’t hurt to change up the color scheme.

    • The mines blink a certain color when they are mines by your allies, and a different color when they are mines of your enemies.

      Can you change the color they blink when they are your allies’ mines? Daddy DK and myself are both colorblind so we cannot tell if they are friendly mines or enemy mines cause the two colors are too similar.

      If you change just the look of the friendly mines, it shouldn’t effect game play.

      If not its no big deal. Will take my chances lol

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