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Por Fred.cpp

Addict to know and to understand.

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  1. Ok man, here’s my two (three) cents on the issue….

    If you’re going to have reduced punching damage (or no punch damage at all), then there’s no point in keeping Burly Brawl in rotation. Personally, and most people already know this, I love UnArmed combat. Yes, it creates a sub-game within the game where the good UAers either drop or holster their weapons and make a b-line for the enemy flag, but that’s been in F.E.A.R. since the first day of multiplayer. The counters for a full UAer are well-documented as this is not a new game, so the old strategies still apply, even if new players don’t know them.

    If a compromise must be made, then I’d vouch for a tiny decrease in punch damage, but not to what it’s set at currently. I had to punch a guy 4 times to get a kill the other night, because each hit did 33 damage, and with naturally regeneration that means he’d have to be injured -before- I went for the UA kill. I like kicks, they make for fun combat, but when bad guy number one is reloading and is wide open for a bicycle or slide kick take-out, his buddy has a full assault rifle clip that kills you before you even get into melee range. It’s a give and take, which is what balanced UA before. Not being armed meant you could easily take out anyone within an arm’s reach of you…. but beyond that, you’re dead meat.

    Another compromise could be a slight decrease to UnArmed movement speed, which would take a little bit of the Ninja Element out of UA, but not nerf it completely. The main appeal for going full UA, aside from one-hit kills, is the fact that you don’t need to reload. In F.E.A.R., the only certain death other than a headshot, is being caught with an empty clip. F.E.A.R. has a very slow reloading animation, as well as weapon switching, so unless you can duck behind a corner for cover, an empty clip means death in an open firefight. If you can make reloads or weapon-switching faster (I’m not even sure if that’s possible as I know jack-squat [meaning = nothing] about modding or game customization) then there would be no need to change UnArmed at all, as it would make firearms just as powerful as UA.

    My personal choice, would be the last part of my third suggestion, which would be turn UA back to default (with Hyper-Punch on, please) along with an increase to reloading/weapon switching speeds. That would make both venues of combat Awesome Sauce times Ten, and balance out what’s overpowered about UnArmed. Sorry for the long post Fred, but I believe I’ve touched upon everything about the subject that there is to consider. See you in game. ~BAM, right in the kisser!

  2. I think decreasing the ua is good but it has some ramifications to it. Although I would like to share some light on it I will leave it to the polls to do the answering.In addition although Hyper is default we could reset the ua values but leave hyper off just a

  3. ua is ok. Either way

    i much like to vary it.
    A month with UA sttings als now, and a month with different settings, and then repeating this.

    But maybe this isnt what is questioned.

    agrees to bigassholeman

  4. This was a shock for me. Ruined Christmas holidays. 🙂 Heres the thing. I’ve been playing this game since it came out with original cd. EVERY server I’ve seen do this dies (or decrease in player count by 70%) This is the closet server to the ORIGINAL GAME. UA is part of the game and does have a skill. Some people I can UA very easy and some players are so good, I can never UA them before they shoot me in the head. So it has skill on both offense and defense.

    What I’d really like is for the players crying about it, to learn how to play and avoid UA attacks. If thats not possible have 2 different servers. Its Dec 26, 6PM and only 4 players on. I wonder why? Please put back the UA default setting and if possible all other default settings. The game is balanced as it is.

  5. since many people not playing mxt with the changed ua settings, its better to get it back.

    btw There should not be to much servers for ctf (one with ua one without), so that the players would spread around the different servers. Its a minimum of 10 players, to have a good game.

    anyhow, i always search the mass

  6. Those , who like UA should play streetfighter of mortal combat and not a First Person SHOOTER.
    On some maps, ua players are just running through the map and constantly hit to everywhre, cause they are shure to have an instant kill if someone pops up in front of them. That’s a shame and ruines the game.

    Limited damage is OK as then those behaviour does not make sense.
    I would prefer to have just ua kills , if you have a gun in your hand.
    Or the better solution.
    Just reduce runspeed for ua only.

  7. UA Bah! its too powerful and fast and too many players use nothing but. One hit KO is too unrealistic agains an assult rifle. It needs to be turned down it is afterall a SHOOTER game. Maybe a map opposite to burley with NO AU!!!!

  8. Well, The easy to fix to the UA «problem» is to simply lower the runspeed back to default 1.2 and the UA noobs will stop because htey won’t be able to run 40 mph and hit you before you get shots off. Or actually punish people that run around and constantly UA.

    my 2 cents.

  9. Keep UA, it’s part of the game. Mods are mods, but there is a limit to how much u should change a games unique characteristic. UA is one of the most unique aspects of any FPS games Ive ever come across, and it’s one of the reasons i still play FEAR

  10. UA is good and bad depending on which end of it you’re on 🙂
    One thing I don’t think is fair is applying med-kits mid firefight. There should be some sort of delay like with reloading to make people less invincible. I’ve unloaded an entire clip sometimes only to have the other guy apply medkit after medkit then kill me.

    Also, Is there a trick to UA? I do ok at it sometimes, but some guys seem to be magic at it. UA from 10 feet away etc

  11. Hello Hamburger,

    I wondering too about some guys who are to kill me from VERY far away. Sometimes I have doubts regarding those guys. Either limiting the ua range would help, or as far as I understand the settings, reducing runspeed for UA would limit the range as well.

    Regarding the medikits: I personally like the medikit option, and on MXT there are just 2 medikits to collect. Your option would look like re removing medikits and add more «health stations».
    I would prefer to stick with the medikits

  12. Meds usage are part of the Game, and one of the most interesting ones. This allow a skilled player to beat in combat to 2, or 3 or 4 or 5 or more enemy players!
    Ofc is hard to learn and use, but is the kind of things that make this game different from, let’s say CoD games.
    Training Hard has It’s advantages ( just Ask the higher ranked MXT guys 😛 ).
    About UA, depends on a lot of things, is like chess sometimes; you can have advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you use UA. you see people with high ping pwning with UA, or getting pwned to death, depends on how you use It.
    The good thing is, no one is invincible, you only need to calibrate your moves for your ping and their ping.

  13. Fred, maybe you can contact Cheesypoof, (euapreeze)
    Do get a couple of there maps. They have a couple new maps which is really good. I remember they had a «rave’ «night club» map which was cool.

  14. ua is too powerful bag says he had to hit a guy 4 times to kill him … so sad… the guy had probably emptied 1/2.a g2 mag imto him by then. this is what sux about ua.. maybe a non ua map is the answer


  15. Reducing UA runspeed would be a good solution. For those , who likes UA, its still there, but it is less powerfull, as the «strike distance» is linked to the runspeed.

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