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Por Fred.cpp

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  1. Spanish:
    No me gusta que cuando los equipos no están balanceados por más que dices TEAMS! les vale madre a todos, aún siendo mxt’s, y eso aunque esté loggeado un admin o no. Pero eso es cuestión de cada quien

    I like turtles!

  2. Hey Fred, Big here. Aside from hackers, which every player has reason to hate, there’s only one type of player that deserves to be shunned and despised, and that’s people who unbalance the teams. Whether they can’t stand losing, or they simply don’t care, when the teams get unbalanced it usually causes the server to «flush» where half of one team just leaves out of frustration.

    Furthermore, when smartasses want to cheer about scoring goals when their team has 3 or more extra players, it causes the unsportsman-like qualities of every player to come out, which usually leads to a cursing match. I know the server can’t check to rebalance teams as soon as they go off-set, since people have the right to come and go as they please, but 9 times out of 10 the server will lose half its people simply because 3 or so players refuse to play fair.

    Alcohol might cause some people to call a good player a «hack» and possibly anger them to leave, but self-centered jerks are the ones who sabotage the entire server’s enjoyment by making a 7 vs 8 match into a 6 vs 9 match on purpose, and then gloat about how many goals they scored. Team unbalancing is a daily, if not mapily (by map?), problem and is the prime reason why MXT goes from a full 18/18 player battle royale, to a 9/18 bitching contest.

    Just one asshole’s two cents. See ya in game.

    1. Hey Big, I agree with you, and I hope that Fred can improve the auto-balance system, But we server moderators will try our best to keep the team evenly balanced, if you don’t see that happening then please notify us. Complains like these are often not too hard to fix and shouldn’t be too big of a problem, just tell me or any of the other moderators/admins when u see unbalanced teams and we’ll step in, even if we have to switch teams.

      Enjoy the game

      1. I don’t know how many admin accounts u can have logged in at once. But I know at one point for an MMORPG we had a program that could detect messages written and perform some basic admin functions accordingly.

        For example, if anyone typed in «balance» the message reader would see it and automatically perform a balance. That would probably the only function that would be useful for a mod like that. Anything else would be too dangerous unless you had it read which person/ip said the message too… which gets things more complicated.

        It was for WoW or Pristontale or something like that though and was for reviving, teleporting, etc. Was pretty useful.

    1. Hi all, it’s the Morda passing through and yea Big, I could not have said it any better. The actual Team scores has an impact on some as they cant stand to lose. Ever noticed before the score screen comes up at the end of a map players change over to the winning team?…lol. Well as we know its a public server an players are free to do whatever but not during a fight for the flags .

  3. The asp sound ist too loud!
    Therefore the combatshotgun could be a bit louder, but it never should be so loud as the asp in moment.

    Hackers will always be a problem.

    What people say about Maps, depends on players. I think, better players can play more maps while others dont like some maps. Strategy is something, which make a game more fun and dramatic, instead of speed speed and chasing speed.
    So i like some maps which brings variety in the maps cycle. Its kinda boring to play a map, after same kind of map before

  4. Well, i dont think its due to hacking, that the server crashes so often. It sounds like a server problem itself.
    It may be, that hacking increases those problems. But despite of it, i think that the server crashes, while best players and no hackers are on. And generally it remembers me to server problems.
    But im not sure. Maybe it is also due to too lot of UA…

    greetings and best

    1. we have been warned about It, and we know who does It. Also, why would a server always crash the same day, same hour, and when It has been restarted and no one has joined, over and over?

  5. As already mentioned already I don’t like players switching to unbalance teams. I don’t know if stopping players from switching and relying on auto balance would work/practical/possible. Maybe giving Mods powers to stop specific people from switching for a bit?
    Personally I don’t mind the back chat, there are always going to be people like that on the internet. Though you could look into muting people by ip (limiting there chat to the built in chat or removing it entirely).

  6. Freddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agree on the team balance but it is hard to fix and usually only last one map at least….Does get pretty bad sometimes though.

    Too much UA on almost every map, High runspeed = more UA noobs. (this is almost every server though, not MXT only)

    Need to find a way to put a timer on grenades so noobs cant spawn, equip grenade ad run all over the map at 20mph. The game is a shooter, shoot at people.

    Maybe mix up maps more? Once a week take 3 random maps out and add 3 others? Or do like Wednesday shotgun day and make everyone use a shotgun or ASP or other gun?

    Great job on the server overall….Just a few ideas from a noob XD

  7. hi there

    well the MTX Server is my favorite, the many players are very special. Therefore thankx to all .

    What i had an Idea recently, is about the problem of server crash. Well, its only a thought but since other server did not broke, (red screen) iam asken me, if there maybe is something wrong with mods?

  8. I voted «the maps», I mean, some of the maps. Of course you have to have different types of map that different players like, can’t please everyone all the time. So as long as you keep a good mix, I guess we’ll all be fairly happy.

    Personally I like the maps where a bit of strategy or tactics pays off, against the type where it’s just frantic. So bigger maps with a few different paths, e.g. Cargo ship (great map) or Generators, not Cooler. Bring back Tiny 🙂

    Similarly I am in favour of the new weaker UA settings since it stops people running around doing constant punching (yes, I should learn how to counter it, but as someone else said, it is a shooting game)

    A couple of particular things – maybe it’s just my FEAR installation at fault…

    1) On the UA only map I can’t do the «jump and stay up in the air». But, i can do on another’s computer so it isn’t my noob skills 🙂 Something about settings, or level of detail?

    2) On nights when I play on MXT a lot my FEAR eventually runs out of memory. Doesn’t happen on other servers much. Not sure if that can be a particular custom map, or just the running of custom maps in general.

    if it’s just me please ignore particular things 🙂

  9. you should try a better map variation, and theres some times when i got the feeling im playing a tdm instead of ctf like the extinction for an instance lol… and is good to have the ua back now, always liked to fight them back like running backwards while shooting them at distances or in close combat gunbutting at them lol thats a unique element of F.E.A.R.

  10. I would prefer to have an autokick for afk players. «often» you have on a 5 players team, 2 afk player and your not able to kick them because of voting rules.

    And sometimes teams are just too stupid to kick afk players…

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