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9 Replies to “=MXT=CTF Server 2012/03/2nd Map Rotation Update”

  1. En mi opinion me agradaria de nuevo los mapas de : MXT Inka Reloaded…MXT Cargoship…MXT Cementerio por ser extensos , dinamicos y una gran asimilacion al combate real ,encuanto lo de quitar ya vote dejemoslo ala democraciajejeje

  2. Burly Brawl: Not a FPS Map
    Two Towers: Camper Map
    Buried: Dark Camper Map

  3. Yo Fred. Here are my top 3 hated maps in rotation….

    The Two Towers = nothing but spawn camping on this map. There isn’t ANYWHERE you can spawn here that does place you as an immediate target to someone with an ASP rifle. The average goes, that every 5 deaths you receive on this map, 2 are completely spawn kills, 2 are from spawning with 66 or 23 health because you were only clipped from an ASP after spawning, and the last 1 death is from you actually getting your weapon out and having a chance of fighting back. Bad map. The ONLY thing fun about this map, is being thrown into the air. Maybe this should become a UA map…?

    Cydonia = spawn camping, and nade spawn camping. When this map was new with the initial bug (where you could run around the corner by the map, instead of jumping the wall), it was obviously broken, but crazy fun, to an extent. After the fix, people started to explore, and what they found was, there are dozens of camp spots. Unfortunately, all those camp spots, set you up to spawn camp, that so we have the exact same problem as with The Two Towers. Bad map. There needs to be more cover around the flag as that’s where you’re SUPPOSED to spawn, to defend it. It’s just too open.

    Brickhouse = it’s never been a fun map. The main problem with Brickhouse is that it all comes down to spawn location. If your team gets wiped, chances are they’re ALL going to spawn away from the flag, and so it’s ridiculously easy to grab and run with the flag. I think the main problem is the fact that there’s a chokepoint in the middle, which is really good for some maps, but here it fails. Brickhouse is always dreaded when it comes up in rotation, I don’t know anyone who enjoys it. Sadly, voting Next Map rarely works.

    As Mr. Dr. said, I like Inka Reloaded, Cargoship (Beta 4!!! Not 5!!! Those tunnels RUIN that map!) and, to a smaller extent, Cemetery. I’d rather see Bedrooms than Cemetery, though. 😉

    And that’s Big’s long-winded comment. I hope it didn’t put you to sleep, because then it’d be too easy to kill ya. See ya in game.


  4. hahaha yeah, thanks for the last comment 😛
    About he maps, MXT TTT will be removed this weekend, as well as cydonia.
    We might exchange Processor and Brickhouse, but a lot of people hates Processor, so that one might be out too, in favour of the ones you said. (I’d love to test the server under stressing maps like bedrooms, so yeah, maybe we see It coming back.
    I just don’t want to add too much ASP maps, and I personally love TTT and almost never get ASPed on spawn, I think the trick Is to move down as soon as you spawn or take cover behind the towers, to start the slaughter.
    Anyway, as you can see the votes confirm It must go away, so yeah.
    Thanks for taking the the time to comment ^_^

  5. I think the we can step up the heat in the server an see if it holds.I kinda like TTT but to be honest I think Bedrooms is the bomb.If that map is to big we can switch to House as well.I agree with BAM Cargo Ship without the tunnel should be exciting as well.I can’t wait to get my pc up an running I will take revenge on all who killed the Morda with 2 fps ….XD

  6. I like TTT and I love bedrooms. I would like to see satrwars and maintenance complex lite and the map with the open fields and high grass I can’t remember the name but I like it.
    I like house and cargo ship, but I like the version with the tunnels. I also like OBIT’s map that kind of looks like deadwoods without the trees and is more like a wrong turn set up 

    In fact OBIT has several big maps that would be awesome fun on MXT server big maps and a lot of players makes a fun game….well small maps and a lot of players makes a fun game too. So I guess I like all kinds of maps big and small..
    Whichever maps you choose I’m sure they will be fun and enjoyable for all.

  7. I know Fred is very busy and he has hardly enough time to make maps an mods these days.I think we should really use some of Obiturarys maps.Screw the download size one big map will not hurt.That map I had put was quite a hit «Nadewars» Straight from Obi’s collection I chose it.

  8. Always the same maps is boring!

    Brickhouse should be in every round, as same like streets and burly braw

    Bedroom final is great, i miss it.

    But except this four maps, i dont like playing all day the same maps.

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