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23 Replies to “Comments on Poll: Remove Maps from =MXT=CTF Server”

  1. Trollouse: In the tournament too long
    Burly Brawl: UA map, In the tournament too long
    (you shoul d notice , that a lot a peaple leave server , when burly brawl comes)

    • Trollhouse is brighter now, unlike when it was new. It’s a lot more fun to play then it was before.

      What you say about BurlyBrawl is an absolute lie, BusterPunk. I’ve never seen more than 2 people leave that map because their UA skills are lacking, I’m guessing you’re one of those 2. Maybe you should stop crying about the ONLY UA map in rotation and start practicing yourself? You can pull the «This is a First-Person Shooter game» line all you want, but games like Halo and Crysis are FPSers as well, and they have vehicles you can pilot/drive. If there was only guns in modern FPSer games, then no one would play them, so wise up and stop complaining every single time you get the chance.

      I like this map rotation, Fred. The only map I’m not a fan of is JPNCTF. That map is slanted against the team on the bottom since there are only 2 direct entrances to the flags, and that means if your party gets wiped and you all spawn away from the carrier, the other team is guaranteed a goal. Not fun, when the game comes down to spawn location. For some reason, lots of people like that map. I for one, don’t. That’s my 2 cents.


  2. Lol I think BAM is right.When I monitor most people don’t leave when those maps start.They quicker leave when stock maps start than those maps.The thing I don’t like about JPNCTF is the Defense radius. If I go to the enemy base an kill I still get «Defended Base» points.I used to like it because I made a lot of points on that map but when I think about it I don’t anymore. 😛

  3. burley sux. its always dominated by the usual ua abusers plenty of games out there for fughters not shooters. have definately seen more than 2 people leave this map. maybe it wouldnt be so bad if ua wasnt so powerful in the normal maps but by the time burley comes around your sick of being killed by someone doing a funny dance in the opposite direction 20 feet away

  4. haha loved the way you describe It.
    Yeah, good players (or good at ua) here just pwn even harder. average users usually get sad ratios.
    But the truth is, even when this map has a lot of detractors, there are people that just loves It ( some even only come to play It o.O )
    So I doubt we will remove It soon.

  5. Believe it when we lessened the ua damage it sucked. We have been down that road so No we will not lessen the value.Burly is a worldwide map and is loved by many.So I doubt we will remove It soon.I like ua abusers ask JAH.Ask him what I do to him when he kills me more than 5 times with ua.Another one is Instapotato all good players, but I just enjoy competing against them.I have to admit we need more maps (NEW ONES PREFERABLY)

  6. I should be getting a day shift soon and s big raise that will free up some time to finish a few maps i started and the one fred gave me to finish. I should find out this week if im going to day shift

    • Wow Fred we got a stalker here.He is stalking RAW and us.I told him to apply to the clan and the admins* there will discuss it and decide if to approve him or not but he is not listening.He continuously sends me messages as well it is on RAW as well.*Somebody pass the tissues to KUNAL plz*

    • hi Kunal.
      I sent you the info you need to become a MXT member, but I think you don’t meet the requeriments.
      Please keep training.

      • What are the requirements then? (dont wanna join, just being interested)

        btw. there is a new bug related to punkbuster, it only appears with mxt ctf server!!! everytime i try to connect it says: «punkbuster violation! sorry, but there are no available unreserved slots at this time please try again later!»
        I tried disabling punkbuster, reenabling it, running the game without it, notthing… ill try to reinstall it ..

        just wanted to let u know theres a new bug, maybe more players encounter it..

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