1. Streets is always fun.. how many maps can we have in rotation?

  2. ♦Heliport
    esos me gustan

  3. I always like labs and heliport.

  4. We should not only add the kore maps but boost up other maps so we have a bigger rotation where people don’t play the same maps within a 1 to 2 hour span. Is there any way to have the sever automatikally add and or rotate maps?

  5. I would like to reduce UA maps as well, we now have trhee of them in the rotation

  6. Hi Fred,


    yesterday the G2A2 was customized to reduced firearm. Do you aim to customize weapons in the future. This definetly a NoGo, as a player looses skill using customized weapons!

  7. As much as I hate to say it, Spillkill can be a pretty fun map. Labs is OKAY, but spawning issues usually makes that map come down to spawn camping, proxy/remote spam, and pure luck on where you spawn. Heliport is pretty epic though, and it’s big enough that spawn camping isn’t a problem.

    As for non-stock…. bring back Extinction Wood Edition! While you’re at it, bring back Star Wars and Bedrooms! And take out NadeWar! That isn’t a UA map, that’s a nade map.


  8. thanks for the feedback! yeah DD (tree) Extinction ( I wonder if someone ever got the pun) will be back these days. and OfficeConflict will be removed. Other changes are still pendinf of confirmation.

  9. was the g2a2 modded as well?

  10. It wasn’t, but the server was lagging so much, so bullets impacts weren’t getting registered ( for most weapons, but being the G2A2 the one with the highest damage by accuracy, It was feeling like It was a water gun.

  11. Deadwood , thank you 🙂

    • yea a variation of deadwood.. like the one with fog in it…lol

      • the bad thing is, that map lags like hell for 80% of the players

  12. the one with the pyramids or even – NAEA Diner lol

  13. Deadwood is just boring (in my opinion..) And , there are some Deadwood only server, so no need to add the map to the rotation

  14. I was thinking maybe we can replace some of the maps with some TURBO is running.I don’t know if it supports CTF but maybe we can look into it

  15. The only reason for the current map rotation is to reduce lag caused by too much too small maps.
    We will remove some of those big maps. but we need to replace It with maps that don’t make the server too stressed.

    • Is it a hardware issue with the server / lags? If yes, a more powerfull server could be an option

      • as far as I know, we run the most powerful ( and expensive?) server available in USA, at GameServers.com

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