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19 Replies to “Request your favourite map to add It to the MXT CTF Server!”

  1. You should probably specify which version of MXT Cooler. (the previous version, or the new one.)

    I request the previous version. =P

  2. Fred, maybe you can contact Cheesypoof, (euapreeze)
    Do get a couple of there maps. They have a couple new maps which is really good. I remember they had a “rave’ “night club” map which was cool.

  3. there’s a brunch of maps we want to add, but we don’t because of the download size or the detail overload. as you maybe already noticed, we try to keep It simple, since Multiplayer maps should be about gameplay, not about nice looking. We try to sometimes, do some enhacements there, but we always give gameplay the top priority.
    I even have remade some maps to improve performance, like FATALx and FATALitY

  4. for sure we will try ( Remember, [eAu] phreeze is the big head behind the SEC remake ), but is not that easy. anyway we hope we do eventually.

  5. Its Monday and one of your admins BANNED ME.. lol

    Can you please fix this..

  6. To me, its a need to vary the maps. I dont find so many maps, which i dont like at all. To me its just a big thing, to have different maps to play in.
    More maps switching, could bring less bored.

    There are some good standards: Streets, Spillkill, Underground and whatever –

    but to play week for week in same map, makes boring anyhow.
    And if players online just dont like, «next map vote» is possible.

  7. Hey Fred. I’ve been away for over a month, some nasty rootkit viruses out there that are springing up from EVERYWHERE on the net, but anyway….

    Bring back CargoShip beta 4!! The version without the stupid underground tunnels, just the straight topside and high-wire battlefield.

    Bedrooms Final is pretty fun, but I’d -suggest- getting rid of the teleporters to the ceiling fans, or atleast swapping them. That map is too easy to score on with those teleporters the way they are on default, so swapping their destination points or removing them alltogether would make that map sweet.

    Star Wars was a cool map. Nice and big, so scoring took a team effort as opposed to a single badass’s lucky shots and UA sprints.

    Other than that, I love the Matrix maps. Both the artwork, and the music tracks that play on them. Not sure if you have any of them, but just putting that out there.

    There are lots of good maps, but I can’t recall any of them at the moment…. I remember one map that was a straight long dark corridor with offices on either side for cover, and the ends of this hallway were the spawn points for either team. I can’t remember that map name for the life of me…. See ya in game.


  8. Hi Fred!

    Is MXT Alleyways Reloaded gone? If so, that should definitely come back. That map is awesome-o.

    Last time I was on, I also didn’t see Extinction, but I wasn’t on as long as usual. If that’s gone, then that should come back too.

    Perhaps drop Trollhouse or something.

  9. I don’t like Office and Burly brawl because I suck at UA and just don’t get it. Some people seem to be able to UA from 10 feet away, and i still haven’t figured out how to do that?
    The ASP kills Inka. Take that out of the map and it could be good
    Extinction, Two Towers and JPNCTF are the best, but more important is the variety. High map rotation is what keeps me coming back to MXT.

  10. i would like to see =MXT=maintenance complex lite, the lite version has never been played

  11. Hola, tampoco vi en los últimos días Extinction, espero que vuelva porque uno de los mapas más divertidos sobre todo cuando los equipos están balanceados .
    No me gustan los mapas con sólo UA pero incluir uno no estaría mal. Saludos.

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