1. New Error message: ‘Content Download Required’ ‘Connection interrupted’..contact fred.

    Hiya Fred.cpp played CTF server for months, and suddenly get this message. any suggestion plz?

    Forni in Australia.

    PS: love Cydonia!

  2. Error fixed thankyou:

    wtf? my setting had auto magically changed to download = NO. now Reset.

    Keep up the good work anyway, Fred!

  3. Error transferring file MXTgeneratos.Arch00

    Contact fred if problems persist, so im here 🙁
    All settings to download are set as you show in the picture, the download starts and stops at that file, which is file #19 and shows that message any ideas of how to solve the problem

  4. Yeah, It works now. Por fin podre jugar de nuevo gracias Fed aprecio tu esfuerzo por mantener este juego vivo ! Saludos y que tengas buenas festividades.


    • Oops i talked to fast now its last file named:


      Thank you for looking into it, saludos

      • It Should work now.
        I think I will remove the main mirror and use my domain instead, since several people have had issues with It.
        Unfortunally the download speed is about 25% slower, I hope that’s not a problem.

        • It works now thank you, Ahora si pudo jugar gracias, velocidad esta bien 🙂

  5. Dear Mr. Fred, I’ve been able to play CTF but after adding the mad MXT coling and crates. area, i haven’t been able to re download the content, it says..»»» Error transfering file MXT cooling area.arch.oo Connection interruption,.»» I’ve tried many times but hasn’t worked. Have any ideas?

    • when did you try that?
      there’s a small change I made in the redirect, but should work better now. what antivirus do you have? ( Comodo uses to be troublesome for downloading content ).

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