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Full List of MXT Maps (2011-10-19 )

I just wanted to list the maps I’ve made for FEAR. I’ve published final versions of some, but a lot are still pending.

  1. MXT Broken Negotiation
  2. MXT Lobby
  3. MXT Warehouse
  4. MXT Burly Brawl
  5. MXT Pacman
  6. MXT Alleys Reloaded
  7. MXT Arena
  8. MXT Party
  9. MXT Sewers
  10. MXT Buried
  11. MXT Crates
  12. MXT Graveyard
  13. MXT Underground Base
  14. MXT 13th Floor Reloaded
  15. MXT Toxic
  16. MXT Unknown
  17. MXT Cargoship
  18. MXT Babel Tower
  19. MXT TechTunel
  20. MXT Inka Reloaded
  21. MXT Pillars
  22. MXT Industrial Area
  23. MXT The Two Towers
  24. MXT Trollhouse
  25. MXT Spaceship
  26. MXT Cooler
  27. MXT FATALitY
  28. MXT Generators
  29. MXT Site 3
  30. MXT DataCenter

2 Replies to “Full List of MXT Maps (2011-10-19 )”

  1. Hi fred,

    I’d like to donate,i enjoy playing on mxt ser vers and appreciate the time you guys have put in to it. Id also like to help develop maps sometime. Cheers

    please e-mail me im usseless at checking forums

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