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Multilanguage/Cross Version Support Complete

So today Finally the Multilanguage Support for FEAR has been completed.

All official languages are ready to go, unofficial languages are almost complete, but I need to make some extra checks to be sure.

Switch to 1.07 version works, but automatically switch to English language (Switch back to Selected language and 1.08 once the Game is closed, so doesn’t stay in 1.07).

Experimental support for launcher GUI translation works, Spanish Is the only language that Is currently translated, but translating the others should be really easy (but I need to test with languages that don’t use ansi characters).

Downloads? Closed Beta will be available once I complete the upload of the language files.


10 Replies to “Multilanguage/Cross Version Support Complete”

  1. Isn’t from English to spanish? Because the FEAR Launcher ( that’s the translator) doesn’t support another language to english, since most installs are in english. If you want to go on this process I can upload the files for you somewhere.

  2. Hi, someone can help me ? I changed my computer, now using window 7, i had download the game and i am not able to play. Can we play with window 7 ?

    • hi. Yeah the game works fine in windows 7 (Most people play It in Windows 7). If It fails to start maybe you need to install directX9c, the full package can be downlaoded here: is big, but is the one contained in the Steam Version that should be working 100%. Remember to extract the content to a folder and then run Setup.
      If you still have issues with It, msg back.

  3. Thankx a lot to answer me, you are nice. But it still doesn’t work, when i try to extract the file, it say acces refuse. I turn off the antivirus, but still. When i try to open the game the message i have is : unable to initialize the renderer to a valid video mode. I hope you can help me, because i play the game since many years and i like it.

  4. I went to see the configuration pannel and the video card is ok. My computer is new and use window 7, i never had problem before, but now it’s not working and i am sad.

  5. I had check my video card in system, it say VGA standard, on my bill it say ATI HD 6450, is it normal ? Maybe the dealer didn’t put the good card. I had try another game and it doesn’t work.

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