FEAR Combat New Master Server Update

So looks like the New FEAR Master Server will be complete soon. All of you must know this is thanks to [eAu]Phreeze, he made All of It.  in some days we will be able to say we survived the GameSpy Apocalipsis and we are still here 🙂 Update: The FEAR Master Server is now working […]

Multilanguage/Cross Version Support Complete

So today Finally the Multilanguage Support for FEAR has been completed. All official languages are ready to go, unofficial languages are almost complete, but I need to make some extra checks to be sure. Switch to 1.07 version works, but automatically switch to English language (Switch back to Selected language and 1.08 once the Game […]

German Language Missing.

In today news, I still can’t get the german installer for FEAR or FEAR Combat. but I think I can trick the 1.08 updater to install on top of the english version with some registry hacks. Will try tomorrow. For now I reinstalled the VM to extract the language packs. I hope I can have […]

Abram – Daños Colaterales / Sacrificio (Hidden Track)

Abram – Daños Colaterales / Sacrificio (Hidden Track) Este par de temas se merecen un ensayo completo. Del EP Sangre de mi Sangre, que bien podría considerarse un LP, Se desprende éste, el último track «Daños colaterales», que por si solo es un enorme tema, que barre y recoge la realidad del dia a dia […]