Después de 15 años, adiós Infinitum

Mi muy estimado Telmex. Soy cliente Infinitum desde que estuvo disponible, según mis estimaciones no confirmadas, alrededor de 15 años. Durante éste tiempo he mantenido alternancia entre los dos paquetes mas altos disponibles, cuando ha sido justificado, principalmente por la velocidad de conexión. Sin embargo, ha habido inumerables problemas a lo largo de los años. Relacionados con […]

FEAR Server Monitor, first Alpha Preview

After the FEAR Combat Ultimate Fate Event, I released what in that moment was the only way to list and join FEAR Servers. Over the next months/years more functionality was added to It. With every sucesive update, the FEAR Installer included SEC2 and fixed most of the bugs ingame, so the Launcher became obsolete. At […]

FEAR Map making, 2016 Work In progress

As soon as I had a spare day, I’m back to work on FEAR Map Making. I have this idea since 2010, but couldn’t put It together until now. I have already the full map layout and I started adding details. I hope I can make It feel almost like a FEAR Stock Map! Map […]

Donations to =MXT= CTF Server

There have been some changes in the MXT CTF Server. We moved to a new hosting service; more expensive, but more reliable and much less laggy. [eAu]Nikki has been helping not only getting It online, but paying most of the cost. Still all donations you can make are more than welcome, and we will Include your name […]