FEAR Map: MXT Burly Brawl

The Fourth Map I made: MXT Burly Brawl!

This Is a unarmed attack only map!

Is a reconstruction of the Burly Brawl Scene in The Matrix Reloaded Movie, the (in)famous fight between Super-Neo and more than 100 Agent Smiths in a extended orgy of fung fu!

This Map has a Soundtrack too ( the Original one from the scene: “Burly Brawl” by Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis ), but It’s Given in a Separate file to help reduce size and to make It’s use Optional. To use It just add It to your AdditionalContent Folder.



Download Ambient Music


Addict to know and to understand.

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  1. boring map, we need to change ..!!!!!!!!!

  2. a small path, seeking to speed in the short term ..

  3. Don’t remove this map, its one of my favorites,remove brickhouse :-S

  4. I’ll come with something new soon, I hope 😛

  5. have you ever considered making de_dust2 map for fear?

  6. Yeah, I have been looking for good Images and videos of It, because I don’t have It, so would be kinda troublesome ( already tried but in the end I did something very different 😛 )

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  8. This map is the best please dont remove 🙁

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