Comentario abierto sobre las críticas a SEC2

Éste comentario fue publicado respecto a la crítica realizada sobre SEC2.0.1 (2014-04-08). No lo hago por sembrar polémica sino por plantear la postura oficial que tengo respecto a dicha opinión. Nina, sabes que Respeto tu trabajo como supporter del juego. Mantener un server no es fácil y tu lo sabes bien. Pero no entiendo tu […]

=MXT=CTF Server current state (2014-02-13)

MXT CTF Server failed to start. For some reason It fails 80% of the time, without custom content. With custom content fails 100%. This is a still unknown bug that is under research, but so far has no known fix. It affects only Linux Versions of the game. We (Phreeze and me) have tried our […]

MXT Reactor 4 Released

The Splash Screen of the previously announced tier 4 (First of this type) FEAR MXT Map was leaked some mins ago. Our sources confirmed this map has a new detail level, much deeper than previous maps, and includes a huge list of optimizations. More info will be made available once It’s released to the public, […]

Not happy with….

I hate It when someone rips the mods you create and take It and use It, without even ask for It, and glues It to his existing mod, making It look like a stradivarius stacked in a pile of crap. yeah CRAP.