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FEAR Multilanguage Progress 2012/11/06

Little progress today. Spent most of the time trying to force the German updater to install but that didn’t work at all. The creators made each language use a hexadecimal code for each language, but only tested 2 and couldn’t find a pattern. Tomorrow will continue to extract all other languages and check the hexadecimal code of the existing installers so I can figure out the german one.

Again If someone has FEAR or FEAR Combat installed in German I’d love to get: 5 files from your game, or 2 values from your Registry.

Meanwhile I got Italian files today, idk why I don’t have all of them, looks like the files I already had for most languages were in the Virtual machine I lost in the Hard Disk disaster some months ago :/

There’s a chance tomorrow I work in the language switch in the Launcher. Shouldn’t take that much time, I only wanted some more language files.

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  1. Hi Fred, Tell me what u need and whre to send to, and you will have it this evenening CET

  2. so you have the German version? :O that’s awesome ^_^
    I need these files ( I think I only need these):


    I think the first one is about 150 MB, the others are less than 10MB.
    Also some info about the registry could be useful, but I think the files are a better option ^_^
    also I’d like to know If your game has voices in german?
    Thanks in advance ^_^

    • Hi Fred,
      it seems , that I lost my FEAR installation (the german one) after my last PC rebuild. I would look further, if I can find the files in one of my last backups…

  3. Hi Fred, how are you going about changing the languages? Are you just switching up the files, simple delete copy paste kinda deal? If so can you give some details on your process? I have the german version 1.08, and I would really like to switch to english. Maybe we could do a swap.

  4. That’s an interesting scenario lol.
    No, what I do Is create a folder with the languages, let’s say
    for french and
    for Italian.
    and point the game to get the files there.
    This works perfectly for the English installer to switch to any language we have the needed files.

    Your case is different, we would need to replace the existing files because It’s much easier and english is the native language.
    If you want the english files I can upload em for you, give me some hours.
    Also I’d backup the files before overwrite the originals because I’d hate to destroy such valuable content ^_^

  5. Geez,that would be fantastic if you could upload em somewhere. Really. Fantastic.

  6. So singer, could you please upload your files for me?
    I need these ones:
    I’m uploading the english ones for you.

  7. Gotcha.
    It’s likely I won’t get to it till tomorrow, let me see what I can do.
    What a relief if this works. Send me an email when you have uploaded, and where you’ve uploaded to.
    Muchas gracias.

  8. Hey fred,
    here try this out.
    Puedes hacerme un favor y elimine este mensaje después de descargarlo.
    Además, he descargado el archivo y funcionó sin problemas.

  9. Thanks I downloaded It already,
    but I have 2 questions:
    1 – Do you have FEAR (The full game)? or Is this FEAR Combat?
    2 – Does your game have text only in german? or has voices too?

    The files I got look like from the Full Version of the game, that contains the voice files In the FEARL.Arch00 file. I wonder If I can get that one too ( It’s about 100 MB in size ), but I’m not sure I can hack the game to accept a patched file, will have to test.
    Thanks In advance.

  10. full retail version 1.08
    I’m currently uploading. it’ll take some time.

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