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MXT Reactor 4 Released

MXT Reactor 4 - FEAR Combat Map / 2013
The Splash Screen of the previously announced tier 4 (First of this type) FEAR MXT Map was leaked some mins ago. Our sources confirmed this map has a new detail level, much deeper than previous maps, and includes a huge list of optimizations.

More info will be made available once It’s released to the public, later today.


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Donate for =MXT=CTF Server

Well, has not been a great month, and even when I still have some days left, I need to complete the server payment.

If you feel like helping out here is the donation link ^_^

Donating gives you a reserved slot for 1 month ( or more, depending on the donation ), and your name in the Server loading screen, so feel free to be generous! ^_^


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Translate FEAR Combat, Retail and Steam to any language

So finally most of the bugs are gone.
the FEAR Launcher version 2.0 is up and ready for download. It will allow you to translate the game to the existing languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Simplified chinese

Probably this will be the last version, unless we need to add new functionality to It. well who knows; maybe :O

FEAR Launcher installing language files.
FEAR Launcher
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FEAR World Prefav: AmmoCrate

Well, I made this by request; Is not exactly what I wanted, but should work; since I have little time to make It work the way I wanted, but should be good enough.
Better for single player, for multiplayer It would add too much physics objects, so avoid using It in multiplayer maps.


To replace weapons inside, disconnect prefab and replace weapon model.

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Fake Fred asks for money

I couldn’t go to sleep without posting this.

fake fred asks for money
Some Idiot trying to discredit our work -_-

Someone, trying to use my name, asking for money to server admins to don’t block their servers.

There’s the option to donate to keep the new FEAR Master Server Running, but even If no one donates, we do ( Phreeze, Morda, other friends, and me). Also as a Donation is something 100% optional, and we have never enforced It, and will never do It.

The action in the image ( I have the video too ) is not about the money, but about the actions and attitude; we at have never and will never require anyone, server admins or players, to pay to play or host a server.

We have spent countless hours and days in FEAR to keep It running, not to get money from It. Please report anyone saying the opposite.


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