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I don’t mean to be mean

But really, there must be respect for what others do. I have always shared my work with whoever has asked for It, I have never denied access to anything, even sources. But taking a creation, ripping parts of It (Or the whole thing), and integrating It somewhere else Is not nice at all.

My sharing licence is simple:

(From )

The files published by me, unless stated otherwise, are releases with the Fred.cpp freeish licence:

You can:

use, copy, share and redistribute this file as much as you want.

You Can not: 

Claim ownership on It.

Modify the content of the file.

Repack the file or It’s contents.

To create derivative works on my existing creations, you need to request my approval.


Violations to these terms will result in a public request to adhere to the terms and, in case of being ignored, public discredit.

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