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MXT CTF Server; Wanna Control the Lag?

We will run a Temp CTF Server for 5 days. It should run better (that’s what said). If It does, we will stay there. If not, we will go back to the old IP. Meanwhile, the old Server will run in Control Gamemode.

Tonight It may restart a couple times while I complete the migration, but in a hour or so, It should be complete. Please let us know how It works



UPDATE: The server is back to normal. We will continue running in the same IP’s, since we didn’t detect any improvement in the new location. Furthermore some issues were detected with the server listing.

We will continue with this IP while we find a better hosting option.

Fix for CD-Key Verification Failed.

Today I finally tested the FEAR Steam version and find out It works for multiplayer!

All you need is a Valid Multiplayer key, like the ones you can get in

Also you need to create the key.ini manually, but that’s easy.

Instructions here:

I guess I don’t need to say how good this is, basically all steam FEAR players can play online ^_^