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Abram – Daños Colaterales / Sacrificio (Hidden Track)

Abram – Daños Colaterales / Sacrificio (Hidden Track)

Este par de temas se merecen un ensayo completo.

Del EP Sangre de mi Sangre, que bien podría considerarse un LP, Se desprende éste, el último track «Daños colaterales», que por si solo es un enorme tema, que barre y recoge la realidad del dia a dia vista desde el punto de un joven que lucha día a día por seguir adelante, a pesar de los daños colaterales de la vida.

20 segundos despues de terminado El Track 9, comienza el tema oculto «Sacrificio», un Tema que podría resultar controversial para algunos, que escupe severos razonamientos sobre un tema algo espinoso, con gloriosos momentos.

Uno de mis ‘temas’ ( par de temas, en este caso) favoritos del Rap Español.

FEAR Combat – Download and get new CD Key

FEAR Combat is a free multiplayer FPS game, Is the multiplayer component of F.E.A.R., best game of 2005.

Released as free to play in 2007, has a active community supporting It, even when Sierra (Activision) and WBGames stopped It’s support several months ago, removed most of the downloads from the official site and stopped giving away new keys (required for playing online).

Starting 2012, you can play the game with the new Installer and key system, made by the community, but If you have the old game and key you can still play It! How do you get It?

Download the 1.08 full Installer (English) (more languages coming soon).

Register or login to get the (required) FEAR Combat CDKey.

The best of all this is, there’s an active support behind It, so If you run on trouble getting It to work, they can help you with It (I’m included there ^_^ ).

If you want to try a gameplay different to CoD and other pseudorealistic war games, this is your best choice.

Some ingame action, by me!