One of those days…

…When I feel tired of being the one losing. But I keep moving anyway, If I didn’t do anything wrong why do I have to pay so much?

Overload Overload

So this is your regular life, then something shows up and you have to do some extra stuff you didn’t want to, but you have to; then you have to do something you didn’t know you had to, but you must do It anyway. Then when you almost complete everything that keep you bussy to work on what you have to do, something else shows up and without warning you have to do It to, overloading your overloaded overloaded overload.

Welcome to my life.

New FEAR Combat Launcher update (2012-11-01)

Updates today:

  • Read/write of the CDKey works 100% now (Doesn’t need admin rights)
  • If the key.ini file doesn’t exist, It’s created automatically.
  • If the path to the key.ini file doesn’t exists, It creates It automatically.
  • If no key is found, It asks for It.
  • Shows loading message to let user know It’s working.
  • home/multiplayer/profile sections are complete.

What’s missing: Seguir leyendo…

What to do?

Ok, I got about 4 spare time hours.

but Idk what to do, my options are:

  • Sleep! ( I still really need It! )
  • Cleaning my room.
  • Cleaning my workplace.
  • Finish watching TWD.
  • FEAR Modding.
  • FEAR Map Making.
  • Working on FEAR-Community look remake.
  • Watch The Avengers
  • ??
  • Profit! ( hmm ok no ).


It’s raining like there’s no tomorrow, going offline now