FEAR Map: MXT Alleys Reloaded

Based on the Old Alleys, but mirrored and with some extra paths from base to base. I made this map’s first release in only 4.5 hours! ( Was made from scratch, since I didn’t have access to the original source). Some additions and bugfixes were made on this update, like the use of lights on higher graphic settings.



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FEAR Map: MXT Burly Brawl

The Fourth Map I made: MXT Burly Brawl!

This Is a unarmed attack only map!

Is a reconstruction of the Burly Brawl Scene in The Matrix Reloaded Movie, the (in)famous fight between Super-Neo and more than 100 Agent Smiths in a extended orgy of fung fu!

This Map has a Soundtrack too ( the Original one from the scene: «Burly Brawl» by Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis ), but It’s Given in a Separate file to help reduce size and to make It’s use Optional. To use It just add It to your AdditionalContent Folder.



Download Ambient Music

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Welcome to my Page, again!

I have been working on a lot of stuff recently but not my personal page, so this is my chance.

Since my time Is now more valuable than anything, I decided to try to make this site the most stable possible, so I’ll use workdpress and try to keep It as clean as possible.

Again this is my Personal page, where I show some of my hobbies, and random personal stuff.

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