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Unknown Hobby

I guess no one of you know,but I love linguistics. To find patterns among different and not so related languages is like finding shapes in clouds, but a bit more challenging.

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Exciting times

I’ve been offline most of the day (online in the phone for a while), but has been an exciting day for me, (apart from the personal success in small, but valuable details in everyday life).

Succeeded in 3 technical challenges and made a proff of concept work too, basically is only 1 left to declare the task list complete.

Wow had been so long since I post something as a personal post, I guess I had forgot about that because of the rush in everyday life.

Well, I go to sleep early today, just can’t stay awake anymore, but I’m sure tomorrow will be another day full of satisfaction 🙂 lol I even want to sing 😛

Thanks ^_^

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Isusko y SBRV – Todo me parece poco

Dame solo un poco más de lo que has
deseado desde la primera vez ¿que tez tocaste pensando en mi?
es menos de lo que necesito pero mucho más de lo que tengo
es vivir o matar, gritar o callar, suele soñar
con estar en la lista de cosas que el dinero no puede comprar
y pregunto si los celos y el amor caminan juntos
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