MXT UndergroundBase (2014)

This is the updated version of this classic MXT Map. Has the exact same layout, but with renewed visuals. Hopefully It looks FEAR-like enough.   Also, I recorded the first match played on this new version. The map is available for playing at =MXT= CTF Server, and will be made available for download from known […]

Comentario abierto sobre las críticas a SEC2

Éste comentario fue publicado respecto a la crítica realizada sobre SEC2.0.1 (2014-04-08). No lo hago por sembrar polémica sino por plantear la postura oficial que tengo respecto a dicha opinión. Nina, sabes que Respeto tu trabajo como supporter del juego. Mantener un server no es fácil y tu lo sabes bien. Pero no entiendo tu […]

=MXT=CTF Server current state (2014-02-13)

MXT CTF Server failed to start. For some reason It fails 80% of the time, without custom content. With custom content fails 100%. This is a still unknown bug that is under research, but so far has no known fix. It affects only Linux Versions of the game. We (Phreeze and me) have tried our […]

MXT Reactor 4 Released

The Splash Screen of the previously announced tier 4 (First of this type) FEAR MXT Map was leaked some mins ago. Our sources confirmed this map has a new detail level, much deeper than previous maps, and includes a huge list of optimizations. More info will be made available once It’s released to the public, […]