FEAR Launcher, Close to Public Beta

What was done in these bussy days: – Password Protected Servers Identification in the Server List. – App asks for Password to join Locked Servers. – CDKey Status Detection. — If the key is not available or with an invalid format, the App asks for It after load. — If the Key is SEC2, the […]

Dead Day

Well I couldn’t do anything today, I was with too low energy level as to actually do anything, after so many days of hard working in the Launcher/CDkey updater/Language Selector…. Well, My time to work on It will be over soon because of the end of year time at work, so I will try to […]

Multilanguage/Cross Version Support Complete

So today Finally the Multilanguage Support for FEAR has been completed. All official languages are ready to go, unofficial languages are almost complete, but I need to make some extra checks to be sure. Switch to 1.07 version works, but automatically switch to English language (Switch back to Selected language and 1.08 once the Game […]


This is a map inspired in JPNCTF, but It was made to fix the unfair possition of the bases: 1 is up and the other is down. In MXTJPN3K both bases are mirrored. Some people have complained about this map being too complex, this is not true, but is not a just_go_ahead map, It’s curved […]


After testing 3 languages I can say the method I’ll use to switch languages in FEAR Combat works nicely. Also having another confirmed case of success ( http://fear-community.org/forums/topic/how-to-change-language/ ), I’m pretty sure we will get this done really soon. For now, I’m taking a small break, must get some stuff done IRL, but before that, I wonder, […]

FEAR Multilanguage Progress 2012/11/06

Little progress today. Spent most of the time trying to force the German updater to install but that didn’t work at all. The creators made each language use a hexadecimal code for each language, but only tested 2 and couldn’t find a pattern. Tomorrow will continue to extract all other languages and check the hexadecimal […]