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FEAR Launcher, Close to Public Beta

What was done in these bussy days:
– Password Protected Servers Identification in the Server List.
– App asks for Password to join Locked Servers.
– CDKey Status Detection.
— If the key is not available or with an invalid format, the App asks for It after load.
— If the Key is SEC2, the App turns blueish and Displays only SEC2 Labeled Servers.
— If the Key is an Original FEAR Key, the App goes back to default colors and shows all Servers
– The app now Saves and loads previously Selected Language.
– If available ( For now only ANSI languages, sorry (English: 100%, Spanish about 50%) ), the App GUI is switched to selected Language ( Will need help translating ).

Update: Embeded FEAR Font Working 100%

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Dead Day

Well I couldn’t do anything today, I was with too low energy level as to actually do anything, after so many days of hard working in the Launcher/CDkey updater/Language Selector….

Well, My time to work on It will be over soon because of the end of year time at work, so I will try to make It work stable enough for a beta release.


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Multilanguage/Cross Version Support Complete

So today Finally the Multilanguage Support for FEAR has been completed.

All official languages are ready to go, unofficial languages are almost complete, but I need to make some extra checks to be sure.

Switch to 1.07 version works, but automatically switch to English language (Switch back to Selected language and 1.08 once the Game is closed, so doesn’t stay in 1.07).

Experimental support for launcher GUI translation works, Spanish Is the only language that Is currently translated, but translating the others should be really easy (but I need to test with languages that don’t use ansi characters).

Downloads? Closed Beta will be available once I complete the upload of the language files.


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This is a map inspired in JPNCTF, but It was made to fix the unfair possition of the bases: 1 is up and the other is down. In MXTJPN3K both bases are mirrored.

Some people have complained about this map being too complex, this is not true, but is not a just_go_ahead map, It’s curved and both bases are close to each other, but you can’t take the short path to get there.

Anyway If you feel like bitching about how complex the map is, here is a map:


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After testing 3 languages I can say the method I’ll use to switch languages in FEAR Combat works nicely.

Also having another confirmed case of success ( ), I’m pretty sure we will get this done really soon.

For now, I’m taking a small break, must get some stuff done IRL, but before that, I wonder, Does the polish version of the game have voices in polish too?

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FEAR Multilanguage Progress 2012/11/06

Little progress today. Spent most of the time trying to force the German updater to install but that didn’t work at all. The creators made each language use a hexadecimal code for each language, but only tested 2 and couldn’t find a pattern. Tomorrow will continue to extract all other languages and check the hexadecimal code of the existing installers so I can figure out the german one.

Again If someone has FEAR or FEAR Combat installed in German I’d love to get: 5 files from your game, or 2 values from your Registry.

Meanwhile I got Italian files today, idk why I don’t have all of them, looks like the files I already had for most languages were in the Virtual machine I lost in the Hard Disk disaster some months ago :/

There’s a chance tomorrow I work in the language switch in the Launcher. Shouldn’t take that much time, I only wanted some more language files.

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