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Sueño Final (relato corto)

El día de hoy publico este relato, basado en un sueño que extrañamente pude recordar intacto después de despertar. El relato es estrictamente apegado a lo ocurrido en mi sueño; de ahí la falta de apego a las leyes de la física. Interesantemente mi mente continuaba tratando de fijarse a las leyes conocidas de la física que siempre he conocido y durante todo el sueño se presentaba esta lucha entre lo observado y lo posible.

[2014] -El_sueño_final


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FEAR Map: MXT KillHouse

I wanted to make a trining-like map for FEAR Combat, and what could better than Call of Duty 4: Kill House?

This map was already made by [TxT]RusTus, a beautifull copy of the original, but while It was awesome in visuals, It lags like hell in low power computers, even If they set graphics to low. So I ended up doing my own version.

this works fine even in lower settings, but the huge action may be laggy for extremely low power PC’s. Anyway, i think It’s far superior in performance, but not as accurate as the first RusTus version. It supports all gamemodes, including Control and SlowMo variants.Continue reading

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¿Cuál es el mejor orden para leer los libros de Isaac Asimov?

Esta es una pregunta recurrente.  Y no hay una respuesta única o fácil. Ésta es mi propia respuesta.

English version of this post.

Me enfoco en éstas tres «trilogías», que se entrelazan a lo largo que la historia progresa. Suceden en el mismo universo. Mi orden preferido de lectura es el cronológico de publicación, ya que es el que contiene menos spoilers.

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Best reading order for Asimov Books?

This is a recurrent question. And there’s not an easy answer, this this is my own.

I focus on these 3 «trilogies»; they get entangled as the story progresses. They happen in the same universe. My prefered reading order is the chronological, because contains no spoilers:

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MXT CTF Server; Wanna Control the Lag?

We will run a Temp CTF Server for 5 days. It should run better (that’s what said). If It does, we will stay there. If not, we will go back to the old IP. Meanwhile, the old Server will run in Control Gamemode.

Tonight It may restart a couple times while I complete the migration, but in a hour or so, It should be complete. Please let us know how It works



UPDATE: The server is back to normal. We will continue running in the same IP’s, since we didn’t detect any improvement in the new location. Furthermore some issues were detected with the server listing.

We will continue with this IP while we find a better hosting option.

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